Solid Carbide High Performance Cutting Tools
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HAM provides superior quality and service for solid carbide and PCD cutting tools. HAM is a well-established global manufacturer servicing the following industries in North and South America, Asia and throughout Europe:

  • Automotive and sub supplying industry
  • Aerospace industry (engines and turbines, as well as machining
    of carbon fiber materials and other composite materials)
  • Part production on CNC machining centers in all work piece
  • Mold and die industry
  • Tool hire for drill, building and plant industry
  • Crystal technology
HAM cutting tools are competitively priced, with quick delivery on all standards and specials. We at HAM understand the difficulties in the current market and work with each customer individually to find cost saving solutions for their specific needs.


"NEW" High Performance Drills - Program Choices for your Production
HAM is proud to introduce our most popular drill offerings, specifically designed for the USA Markets, to include our most popular styles and diameter offerings in mm, inch & fractional sizes. In addition we have included cutting data and material information. This technical information will help you make comfortable choices for your production.

"NEW" Technical Brochures for Drilling and Milling
HAM is also proud to introduce our technical brochures for all our Drilling & Milling Products. These brochures include catalog icon translations, material and application information, speeds and feeds and our quality system.

Grow with us...

We are seeking qualified experience Independent Sales Representatives throughout the USA. For more information please send email to [email protected]

For a complete list our all our product and technical brochures…click here.
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