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"NEW" High Performance Drills - Program Choices for your Production
HAM is proud to introduce our most popular drill offerings, specifically designed for the USA Markets, to include our most popular styles and diameter offerings in mm, inch & fractional sizes. In addition we have included cutting data and material information. This technical information will help you make comfortable choices for your production.


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HAM Drilling & Milling Catalogs:
Solid Carbide - Diamond - Cerment

High Performance Drills - Program Choices for your Production

Drilling/Countersinking/Reaming in Solid Carbide & Diamond
Milling - Solid Carbide & Diamond

Diamond Milling Cutters & Adapters
Diamond Arbor Milling Cutters

Machining of Advanced Materials
Brazed Solid Carbide Tools

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Information for Drilling
Information for Reaming

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Precision Tools for the PCB Industry

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Logistic Tool Management

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