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It all began in the year 1969...

HAM Precision Tools - Our History

Over 40 years ago in 1969 in a small garage workshop with two employees, the company HAM Precision was established by Dipl. Engineer Andreas Maier. Within a short time period of time; HAM received industrial recognition far beyond the German borders. Due to the increased demand it was essential to build a new production facility at the present headquarters location.


In 1971 HAM started with the drill production for printed circuit boards. In the following years this production part developed into one of the most important sectors of the company. Through many innovative developments and high quality we were able to expand our market position during the 80's and 90's. Again it was necessary to expand the production facility and increase the number of employees. One of the most important stepping stones to the future was the development and production of Poly-Diamond tools in 1981.

HAM Precision Tools - Our History
HAM Precision Tools - Our History

During the past years HAM's product range was extended by production of indexable inserts and brazed carbide tools. With this knowledge, HAM is one of the leading suppliers offering complete system solutions at the beginning of the millennium ("from the spindle to the chip") and could further strengthen its market position.


HAM headquarters is located in Schwendi-Hörenhausen, Germany with distribution in North and South America, Asia, and throughout Europe. HAM manufactures and supplies a variety of tool designs as standards and specials to the Aerospace, Automotive, Mold & Die, Circuit Board, and the Medical & Dental Industries.

HAM Precision Tools - Our History
HAM Precision Tools - Our History

The company is still privately owned by Mr. Andreas Maier and currently HAM employs worldwide more than 600 employees of which 320 are working in the headquarters in Schwendi-Hörenhausen. Here we build the innovative precision tools and develop new products for our well known industrial partners all over the world, all this in a manufacturing area that has almost double in 1999 to over 269,000 square feet.


On the verge of the new Millennium, it is appropriate to look back and to challenge the future. In doing so we recognize our remarkable past achievements. But we are also viewing the future anticipating the increased speed of our development as we aim to be a dynamic partner to our customers, who grows permanently by accepting new challenges.

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HAM Precision Tools - Our History
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